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Episode 123

Private Equity is Taking Over the World with Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney is the founder and CEO of BluWave, an intelligent marketplace trusted by more than 500 of the world's top private equity firms. BluWave connects businesses with third-party resources they need for due diligence, value creation, and preparing for sale.  Sean Founded BluWave as a solution to a problem he faced every day while in the private equity industry for nearly 20 years.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 15:08] Family Offices Enter the Private Equity Space

  • Private equity firms and family offices are starting to meet in the middle
  • Blu Wave has seen an increase in clients looking for ways to invest directly

[15:08 - 22:53] Private Equity Funds Struggle to Find Quality Assets

  • Red flags that indicate a potential problem in a direct investment
  • The private equity ecosystem is becoming more accessible to a broader pool of investors

[22:53 - 29:58] Embracing Technology To Address Labor Shortages

  • There is the pressure of inflation, labor shortages, and a generational shift among GPs
  • Private equity firms are trying to address these issues with continuity plans, culture, and technology
  • Seeing positive impacts from these efforts, including increased efficiency and satisfaction among team members

[29:59 - 37:17] Covid's Impact on the Private Equity Industry

  • Covid has catalyzed in many people the realization that data can help make better decisions
  • Many in private equity are struggling with its transition into a hybrid world where you don't have to be fully in-virtual or in-person
  • Private equity firms realize that they need a more portfolio approach and that globalization is not necessarily peaked.

[37:18 - 37:31] Closing Segment

Connect with Sean at his

Key Quotes:

“We saw a lot of embracement about technology that not only made companies more efficient, but I think it improves satisfaction within the team members because they get to do the things that they like doing.” - Sean Mooney

“I think too often people view the world through binary lenses. You're either going to be fully virtual or fully in-person” - Sean Mooney

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